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was founded to help ambitious, motivated and humble individuals to live intentionally, and consistently develop into better versions of themselves.

It was borne out of Natalie's personal fear of drifting through life and going through the motions just because.


We host monthly sessions for our members that are split into 2 components.


The first half of the session is Peer-learning where we share with each other our learnings and/or progress on goals for the past month.


The second part of the session is a Masterclass where we invite established speakers to share about their experiences so as to fast-track our learning even more.

Classes with Natalie

We believe in having a strong growth mindset and consistently learning to improve ourselves. As we spend so much of our lives at work, Natalie decided to take what she have learnt so far (the mistakes, experiments, experiences) and place them in a structured format. This is so that she can help more people be more intentional in the way they build their careers, specifically in a start up where the environment is highly unstructured.


If you are looking to level up your career, join Natalie to begin your quest!

Coaching with Natalie

Coaching is about having a trusted partner to help articulate your thoughts better by exploring different ways of thinking and learning with you so that you can ultimately achieve what you want with minimal regrets. This clarity and accountability ensures that you are not drifting through life and that you are living in congruence with your values, strengths and desires. 

If you are comfortable being uncomfortable because you know that is where true growth lies, find out more on Natalie how help you!

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