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Natalie is a professionally trained, ICF-certified coach since 2020.


Natalie is a professionally trained, ICF-certified coach since 2020. She decided to embark on this journey because she believes that it is an essential skill set to help her in terms of her mission in helping people and businesses to grow intentionally.

In 2022, she also completed the 9 months Advanced Coaching Program and is excited to use her new skills to help others.

She is also an internal coach within Google, the company she currently works at.

Coaching Philosophy

Aristotle once said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Natalie believes that the relationship with yourself is one of the most important relationships in your life.


Having being coached herself, Natalie believes that having a coach who challenges you to play the bigger game in life is essential to those who want to live life as intentionally as they can. She believes that the very first step in creating a dream life for oneself is to know oneself.


Through her coaching sessions, Natalie helps her client to clarify what’s most important for them, identify their self-limiting beliefs and triggers to ultimately create progress towards living a life that is authentic to them.

Reviews from coachees

During our coaching sessions, Natalie was skillful in sifting through my narrative to draw meaningful points for my reflection. Her advice, given judiciously, was often incisive and relevant. I’m grateful for her support during a period when I sought direction and clarity.

Natalie was an awesome coach, she taught me a lot of life lessons, was attentive to my situation and was a great listening ear! She helped me clarify my doubts through her amazing coaching and helped me navigate my situation with her wisdom and patience. Highly recommend Natalie as a coach as it was my 1st time trying coaching as well."

Natalie is an amazing coach who really listened and challenged me to stretch myself to reach goals that I did not think was possible. She worked together with me to help me become more self aware, tackled barriers and mindset change. As my coach, she is very encouraging, positive and empowering. Thank you for helping me uncover deeper realisations and becoming a better version of myself!

Natalie has been my life coach for a few months now and I am eternally grateful for it. Natalie has shown empathy and active listening in our sessions. She has created a safe and conducive space for me to dive into the coaching work. Natalie has shown her agility to be able to coach on various topics. In our sessions I have gained clarity and broadened my perspectives, essentials that I wouldn't have achieved on my own.

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