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Career Advice No One Tells You About

  1. Job requirements are negotiable

  2. Imposter syndrome is a good thing

  3. What's realistic is just an illusion

  4. When you’re striving to be great at what you do, the “averages” don’t matter

  5. Pick a boss, not a company

  6. Don’t be afraid to take a pay cut for the right experience

  7. What got you to level one won’t get you to level two

  8. The real education begins after college

  9. Always be getting more exposure

  10. Don’t outsource your success to your company

  11. The real winners never go through the “front door”

One of my favorite articles, check it out here:

My main takeaway: Don't do what average people do if average is not what you wanna be. Think ahead to get ahead!

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