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Hypergrowth at a Start-Up

Great article by Jonathan Golden that’s packed with many insights and advice:

Very relatable to what I have experienced so far at Style Theory. 1) Growing at a lighting speed definitely means that everything is always changing. What worked a year ago might not work now but the thrill is then figuring out how to iterate and ensure it works in a scalable manner. It can also change in positive ways - like seeing the team grow by >5X to being grateful we finally have meeting rooms! 2) Coming from a corporate environment where money was not an issue, to being resource and budget constrained as with most start ups, enabled me to be more creative and resourceful. This encompasses one of our key values which is to ‘Do More With Less’. It might get you the same outcome but the process is much more fulfilling. 3) What I love most in this fast paced environment is that we are always challenging the status quo, considering whether it moves the needle and strategising the next big opportunity. When something has been done the same way for the past number of years does not mean that there’s no better way. Impossible is nothing with heart and hustle and I love that people rally behind a common purpose and make that their life’s work.

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