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Joey Lee (Founder of Poke Theory/Alter Ego)

“Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

In this #neverdrift session, Joey Lee (Founder of Poke Theory/Alter Ego) shared with us his entrepreneurial journey. We were so inspired by his passion and tenacity. More importantly, I really appreciated him for being so personal. Many think entrepreneurship is fun and glamorous but it honestly takes so much hard work, sacrifice, risk + causes much stress & anxiety.

As an employee, you do your allocated work and you’re done. As an entrepreneur, on top of ensuring you have a great product/service, you need to worry about hiring good people, retaining them, cash flow, competitors, company strategy, company culture etc. You can never really switch off. The work and stress is insane.

But the grit to achieve their vision and the fulfilling work sustains them. I have immense admiration for entrepreneurs like Joey, my bosses at Style Theory etc because I know they are living purposefully. They could have taken a more comfortable route in life. They are not even 30 but they are disrupting industries or creating entirely new market segments. I am always revved up hearing these people speak because of how passionate and driven they are to make something better in the world.

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