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Kexin Lim - SMU’s First Female Valedictorian + First Alumna Appointed To SMU Board Of Trustees

On Saturday, to close out the IWD month and Q1 2019, we had the pleasure of hearing from Kexin Lim - SMU’s first female valedictorian + the first alumna to be appointed to the SMU Board of Trustees. Since graduating from SMU, besides climbing to the top ranks in PWC, she still remained involved in political and community work to give back and to stay grounded. I really loved how authentic Kexin is during the sharing: 1. She reminded us not to compare someone’s highlight reel to our realities and shared how she had her fair share of lows, anxieties and self-doubt 2. She emphasised on the importance of building coping mechanisms for ourselves - it could be planned breaks, 24h no-work time blocks, being clear on when to shift gears to prevent burn-out and even simply remembering to breathe deeply to minimise stress 3. She shared that we need to constantly disrupt ourselves to continuously improve. This could come in the form of closing your eyes and just taking a leap at opportunities that come your way 4. Last but not least, she advised us to be deliberate about how we spend our time and constantly check in with our priorities and the life we want to lead #neverdrift

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