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Mr Ong Ho Sim, Former CEO of PUB

Today we had the privilege of having Mr Ong Ho Sim, former CEO of PUB and the awardee of the 1993 Public Administration (Gold) medal at our 2nd #neverdrift session of the year. He shared with us his experience working with MM LKY, how he negotiated our water agreement with Malaysia - among other interesting stories. He also spoke about passion, courage (having the “why not?” mindset), consistency, knowing your shit, being sharp, a growth mindset (think global as well) and having a strong set of values which guide your actions. When asked how he rose through the ranks, he said that whenever others complained about a problem, he was the solutions man and chose to add value instead. Truly inspirational to learn from the man who was instrumental in building Singapore’s clean and constant water supply. Before he arrived, most of today’s sharing revolved around productivity, being intentional and how we are committing to improve ourselves on an ongoing basis. I liked how we are progressing along well in the year so far and am grateful to have a group which pushes each other to be the best versions of ourselves 💪🏼 #neverdrift

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