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Ms Jacqueline Poh, Deputy Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office and ex- founding CEO of GovTech

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of inviting Ms Jacqueline Poh, Deputy Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office and the ex-CEO of GovTech to #neverdrift! a) She shared from a recent demographic study that (1) a baby born today will live to an average age of 85 and that (2) Singapore has just overtook Japan in life expectancy. We should learn how to lead our lives in a more sustainable manner. Counting backwards really helps to put things into perspective. Assuming I live up to 85 and retire relatively early at 55, this gives me a good 30 years to chill and work. As the #neverdrift group consist of type A people who gives ourselves a lot of pressure to perform, it really showed me how our current work/living practices need to be re-looked. b) At least 30 years of work is a really long time. Jacqueline shared how it is also vital to never stay still and to always keep an open and positive mind to try new things. This helps to learn what kind of work energises / drains us. Knowing that its okay to explore and that there’s no one right path to look for, helps. c) 2 books she recommend: The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt and Strategy for Life by Clayton Christensen <5 more months to 2020! Have a restful long weekend everybody :)

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