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Chen Chow Yeoh, Co-Founder of Fave

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Last weekend, we had an amazing NeverDrift sharing with the co-founder of Fave, Chen Chow Yeoh. It was so engaging that we continued at the carpark lobby for a couple more hours because we were chased out of the function room 😂

A few key points from CC's sharings:

1) Always be authentic, genuine and sincere.

This was what struck me the most about CC - you can really feel that he's present and that he puts his heart and soul into every convo. In fact, after every convo, he would ask himself if he felt that he added value or managed to inspire somebody

2) Take your strengths and make them world class.

They will provide you with much more leverage than if you were to spend all your time fixing your weaknesses

3) Live in the best way that you can, such that if you were to die tomorrow, you have no regrets.

Take risks, jump at opportunities. You won't know where you will land! We were so amazed with the many adventures that CC took to get to where he is today. You really never know, so just enjoy the ride :)

Always incredibly thankful for our speakers like CC who spend their precious Saturday afternoon with a bunch of young people that are seeking to improve themselves and also figure out their lives haha!

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