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Purpose-Led Work

Our jobs or careers shouldn’t define our identity but we do spend ~70% of our waking hours working. It hit me today that us spending time at work will inevitably be the majority of how this year (or any other year) will go. Thus to me, enjoying and having a purpose at work is important because work days do inevitably make up our lives. Professionally, I am happy to take the risk of dreaming big with a start up. I saw the importance of what 1 year could mean to a company. In 1 year of launching, the team was able to attain funding, launch in a new market and expand to over 70 people in 2 cities. Kudos to the team, I am so blown away. In the next 364 days, I am excited to be part of this growth and to scale it further. Personally, I want to continue to learn more about myself as my passions, priorities remain/shift. I want to be grateful for the quality time I have with my family and friends. As another year passes by, let us not forget that as we are growing up, our elders are growing old.

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