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Sasha Foo, Managing Director of DBS

Today’s #neverdrift session was on the topic of leadership with Sasha Foo (MD of DBS) where she distilled 30 years of her high-flying career into some key takeaways for us! Regardless of our age or position, we always have the opportunity to influence and inspire the people around us.

A good leader executes well, communicates clearly, drive performance, has solid work ethic, cuts through bullshit to get things done. A great leader also energises people around them, fights and takes responsibility for their people, gives others the platform to shine and influences others to always strive to be better versions of themselves. Always very thankful for leaders like Sasha who have achieved success in their fields but look back to help the ones who are just starting out :) Small steps like these have a ripple effect. With more great leaders pushing people up to a higher standard, it ultimately makes for a better society too!

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