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Rameez Ansar, Co-Founder of Circles Life

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

After reflecting on 2019 and setting our goals for 2020, we began NeverDrift’s 3rd year with a surprise question from Rameez Ansar, co-founder of Circles Life. It also got me thinking about another crazy dream - what if all of our craziest dreams came true?

Some great takeaways from Rameez:

1) Have a game plan for dealing with the bad days. They are inevitable

2) Constantly clarify your why. We all essentially search for meaning in our lives. After which, take control and bring it in the direction you want. That would make us feel most empowered

3) Having a strong why help us through our darkest moments where you will face a lot of uncertainty, doubt and despair

4) Take baby steps towards your dream earlier - the compounding effect is incredible

5) Dream big, do something radical and not worry about how long it could take. Imagine the lives of early voyagers who explored the world without a map to see if there were other unexplored lands.

6) At the end of the day, the strongest kind of why is when you are serving others because when you feel like giving up, you’ll think of all the people that you can potentially impact and you will soldier on

Thanks so much Rameez, it was a great way to start off 2020 :)

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